StoneCon delivers all types of natural stones, suited for out and indoor construction.

StoneCon is the exclusive distributor in Scandinavia of the unique Vals Quartzite from Switzerland.

StoneCon offers Alta, Offerdal, Oppdal and Otta

Erik Reinholdt established the company StoneCon Aps in 2001.

Erik Reinholdt has in more than 20 years worked with all processes in a natural stone production company. After this Erik wanted to make use of his many years of knowledge and experience, to connect the clients needs and demands with the best possible solution for the job. This is without being bound to borders or traditions.

Welcome to StoneCon

Deliver tiles to floors, in all types of natural stone

Deliver roofing slates/schist for outdoor use

Delivers table tops for kitchens and bathrooms, in all types of natural stone and Composite

Deliver natural stone cladding for in- and outdoor use.

Advises on the use of natural stone. Here we have great experience in the work of project cases, where we cooperate with the architect, designer and the builder to clarify which natural stone material that is best suited for the specific project.

In StoneCon we are a staff of people with many years of experience in the natural stone industry.

We have a great professional insight, and we can advise on the use of natural stone on all types of construction.

StoneCon is a member of (Dansk byggeri)

In 2003 CE Branding became a legal requirement on selected natural stone. Since then more types of stone has become CE required.

The CE brand represents that a given product is manufactured and controlled in compliance with either a harmonized standard or a European technical approval.

E.g. Danish standard

The different procedures support our own philosophy of following the entire process very closely.

It can be a long process to find the right type of stone to the individual job. Incorrect and poor packaging can destroy an otherwise correct produced product, or make it more difficult to receive and further handling for the client.

The many years of experience here at StoneCon gives us a wide aspect of productions all around the world, and the diversity of our assignments keeps on adding more.

This does that we can:

  • Find the right production sight
  • If necessary send a inspection team of our own to follow the process
  • Arrange the proper packaging and transport.


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Basis of agreement

Unless anything else is given in mandatory statutory provisions, or in a written agreement, any sale from our business will be done in accordance with the terms of sale and delivery stated below. These terms precede any terms in the order/acceptance from the buyer; also any general conditions of the buyer.


Seller’s offer

The offer is valid for one month unless anything else has been agreed. The offer does not include measuring, the making of drawings and templates. If templates are necessary to produce the product these must be supplied by the buyer and they must be made in a waterproof material – measure 1:1.


Changes in an order

In the order confirmation from the seller a date for the start of production is stated. After this date it is not possible to make changes to the order due to technical reasons.



All prices are ex works; packing and VAT is not included. VAT or other fees will be calculated according to the current rules on the day of delivery. All prices are subject to confirmation and may be changed without notice. All prices are subject to misprints, changes in production and duties.
If the prices are based on a foreign currency the exchange rate that we have used for the calculation is the rate on the day of the offer. Any changes in the exchange rates which occur before the buyer’s payment has got value – see payment below – must be covered by the buyer. The prices in the pricelist are not binding and may be changed anytime without notice.



In the order confirmation a time of delivery is stated and efforts are made to meet this time of delivery. However, the time of delivery is subject to unforeseen obstacles and force majeure. In case of such obstacles the seller reserves the right to completely or partially cancel the order or postpone the time of delivery stated in the confirmation with a fair time limit concerning the circumstances. Force majeure includes mainly strike, lockout, fire, war, import restrictions, border blocking, unusual nature events, average, wreckage, damage on production machinery and equal obstacles which the seller has no control over. Unless anything else has been agreed in writing the seller is not liable for any indirect loss, consequential damage and loss or other losses due to delayed delivery. If free delivery has been agreed to the buyer’s address or directly to the building site, it always applies as carriage paid to where a loaded truck can drive but it is not off loaded.


Control at receipt

Immediately after receipt and before the goods are used, adjusted, mounted or lain the buyer must go through the delivered goods to make sure that they are free from defects. Complaints of defects; including variation of amount which has or should have been discovered at such a control must be put forward before 8 days after the delivery of the goods and before the goods are used, adjusted, mounted or lain to be accepted.


Quality requirements

At all times the seller will make an effort to ensure that delivered goods comply with the agreement and that they are in the usual good trade quality. The buyer must expect: Tolerances in sizes and thickness of +/- 2mm compared to the measures informed. The buyer must expect the usual natural colour and structure variations, which only have a visual effect – these variations include sand holes, crystalline veins and concentrations of colour which looks like spots.


Liability for faults

If a delivery should be faulty the seller undertakes at his/her choice to:

– make good the fault when this can be done in a satisfactory way for the end user regarding the look and durability.

– make a replacement delivery.

– credit the buyer for the faulty goods – max. the invoice amount – against the return of these goods at the expense of the buyer.

– provide the buyer with a price reduction.

The seller is not liable for indirect damages, consequential damages and loss or other losses. If the buyer has not claimed a latent defect before 5 years after the delivery he/she cannot do this at a later date unless we have accepted in writing that we will guarantee for the goods for a longer period of time.



Goods returned will only be accepted upon a prior agreement in each separate case. The goods must be unused and fault free and in the original unbroken packing. Approved return goods are normally credited with a deduction of 15% of the sales price not including VAT at free delivery to our stock or any other placed designated by us. Individually produced goods or goods which have been imported especially cannot be returned.



According to agreement. Discounts and bonuses of any kind are only given if payment is made in time. At delayed payment the buyer must pay default interest of 2% pr. started month. Reminders are charged with 100,- DKK a piece VAT not included.


Product liability

The seller renounces any product liabilities which are not sustained by the mandatory rules in the product liability law. Especially it is emphasized that the seller is not liable for loss on operations or any other indirect losses. To the extend that the seller may be ordered product liability to a third party the buyer is bound to indemnify the seller to the same extent as the seller liability is limited as stated above. The buyer is bound to permit him/her to be sued at the same court who tries the claim for damages against us in connection with the sold goods.



The seller reserves the ownership of the delivered goods until the payment in full has been made.