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Marble is created from limestone of organic or chemical origin. Precipitation of shellfish and plants that has been exposed to great pressure and temperature for millions of years. Colloquially Marble is used often as a mutual term for limestone. These marble and types of limestone is physical and visually a soft stone, this makes them very attractive for many purposes like tiles for vertical and horizontal surfaces, decoration and sculptures.

Marble and limestone is not acid and scratch proof, and this will eventually too some give a desirable patina.

Marble and limestone can´t take acidic detergent or products with a high pH value.

All Marble and limestone’s are unique in different ways, created in the nature trough millions of year´s and every stone with its each specific look.

Marble is a metamorphic stone which primary consists of calcite and or dolomite.

Marble can be anything from very fine-grained to relatively coarse-grained and can be found in many different colors. The stone can be homogeneous and structureless, but has frequently the structure that gives it an individual touch.

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